Serial number list has been updated

For those following this site and others that have just found us, I have recently updated the Serial Number Listing of Legnano bikes that dates back to 1946. There are over 100 Legnano bikes on the list (and counting) that reference their serial number, model type, year of production and photographs. With the exception of those bikes that are in my own collection, the current owners names of the bikes on this list are not published to respect their privacy. Thanks to everyone that has contributed and keep them coming.

2 thoughts on “Serial number list has been updated

  1. I have 1042 R, an all original (except for tires, brake lever hoods, handlebar tape, and headset) bike that my dad brought from Rome around 1970. Dealer sticker says “A. DiRienzo, v. Palermo 39, Roma.”

    • Thanks for posting. WOW . . . what a treasure and essentially original to the day it rolled out of the shop in Rome. I would enjoy adding some photos of you bike including a detail of the serial number if you have the time. You can forward to: There are a number of serial numbers for the ‘Reynolds 531’ builds and it would be good to see it grow. Thanks again.

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