1963 Mod.45 Sportivo – FC6837



This Mod.45 Sportivo Senora arrived in January of 2016 from Intra, a small town just on the border between Piedmont and Lombardy and about a one hour drive north west from Legnano, Italy.  The Mod.45 Sportivo was Legnano’s second best women’s model positioned just below the Mod.51 Sportivo Senora, and both were single speed bicycles.  It would appear that only the kickstand and the skirt guard were upgraded over the years. And as is usual, the pump has gone astray. No matter, these minor details are easy to put right.

What is most fortunate is the good condition of the original metallic emerald green paint after almost 55 years. And it should polish up very nicely with some time and careful hand work with a fine rubbing compound. Following that I will most likely have Velocolour apply a light clear coat to the frame, fenders and chain guard to preserve the painted finish from any further loss.  There is some surface corrosion that usually cleans up quite well however the rims are badly corroded and will need to be replaced.

Here are a few detail photographs of the bike.

2016-02-21 16.06.40 copy2016-02-21 16.08.03 copy2016-02-21 16.06.17 copy2016-02-21 16.05.51 copy2016-02-21 16.04.50 copy2016-02-21 16.07.12 copy2016-02-21 16.05.23 copy

More to come . . .