I receive many queries if any of the bikes in the collection are for sale and also readers looking for parts to complete their own projects. As time has gone by the collection has grown to the limits of my available workshop and there are new projects I would like to take on. So I have decided to offer some of the bikes for sale and will also post some parts for sale as the bins are also starting to fill up.

All of the bikes in the collection and those for sale have been fully disassembled including headsets and bottom brackets, cleaned and repacked with high-quality grease and then reset to the frame using the correct tools of the period.  In many cases the pedals have also been fully disassembled, cleaned, greased and reassembled. When necessary ball bearings have been replaced in the above process.

I am primarily interested in shipping within North America and this would be done at cost using Bikeflights.com who have proven themselves over the years to be a trusted and responsible shipper.  A few more dollars than the post office however well worth the additional cost to ensure these treasures of the past arrive safely with excellent online tracking and feedback.  Parts will ship with the post office and tracking numbers.  Overseas shipping will be considered depending on the location.  Prices are in U.S. dollars not including shipping at cost.  Inquiries can be sent to info@condorino.com.

1961 Legnano Gran Premio – $4000.

Immaculate restoration. All components in pristine condition. Unparalleled refinish by Velocolour. Wheels rebuilt by La Bicicletta. Restoration background can be found here.  Additional photos on request.

Model:  Legnano Gran Premio
Year:  1961
Serial No:  EX3632 (stamped vertically on right side of the seat lug)
Frame Size:  56cm (center to center)
Paint & Decals:  Frame and mudguards finished by Velocolour
Chrome:  New
Frame Weight:  3.285kg or 7.24lbs (no headset, seatpost bolt or bb)
Total Weight:  11.72kg or 25.83lbs (without fenders)
Tubing:  Falck Precisione
Dropouts:  Campagnolo 1010
Crankset:  Way-Assauto 50/47 (60 on inside arms) new chrome
Bottom Bracket:  Way-Assauto
Pedals:  Campagnolo Record 1037 – short thread
Toe Clips:  Christophe Special (nos)
Toe Straps:  Alfredo Binda black w REG pull buttons (nos)
Front Derailleur:  Campagnolo Record 1052/1
Rear Derailleur:  Campagnolo Gran Sport 1012/4
Shifters:  Campagnolo Gran Sport  1014
Freewheel:  Regina Extra (14-16-18-21-24)
Chain: Regina
Fenders: VeloOrange 37mm polished and painted (new)
Hubs:  Campagnolo Record High Flange 36h (stamped Legnano)
Rims:  Fiamme Green Label 700c x 36h tubular (no eyelets)
Tyres:  Continental Giro tubular (new)
Handlebars:  Ambrosio for Legnano (38cm ctc)
Handlebar Stem:  Ambrosio for Legnano (100mm)
Handlebar End Plugs:  Gaslo for Legnano in aluminium
Handlebar Tape:  Brooks Leather (modern)
Headset:  Way-Assauto
Brakeset:  Universal Mod.61 Centerpull
Seatpost:  Campagnolo Record Narrow Rail (26.4mm OD)
Seat:  Brooks B17 Campagnolo Model (cantle stamped ’61)

• • •

1970 Leganano Mod.50 Sportivo Condorino – SOLD

Model: Mod.50 Sportivo Condorino
Year: 1970
Color: Metallic Red
Paint & Decals:  Factory Original
Production No: 20 (second quarter of 1970)
Frame Size: 56cm ctc
Headset: Way-Assauto
Condorino Stem & Bars w Brake Levers: Varese
Bell:  Omega branded for Legnano
Brake Calipers: Balilla engraved for Legnano
Bottom Bracket: Way-Assauto
Crankset: Way-Assauto
Pedals: Way-Asauto (WAS)
Shift Levers: Campagnolo Valentino
Front Derailleur: Campagnolo Valentino
Rear Derailleur: Campagnolo Valentino
Hubs: MM Atom engraved Legnano HF
Rims: Ambrosio Aluminum 700c clincher 36 hole
Mudguards:  Factory original
Seatpost: Campagnolo Gran Sport
Seat: Brooks B17 (New)

• • •

1972 Legnano Gran Premio – SOLD

A unique Legnano with original mudguards and all components in pristine condition.

Model:   Gran Premio
Year:   1972
Color:  Black
Paint & Decals:  Factory original – Condition 9/10
Serial No:  32142 (left side of the seat tube just below the seat lug)
Frame Size:  56cm ctc
Total Weight:  12.08kg / 26.6lbs  (including pedals and pump)
Tubing:  Falck Precisione
Dropouts:  Campagnolo Record
Pump:  Silca Impero frame fit with Campagnolo mini head
Crankset:  Campagnolo Record Strada (42/52) pre ’72
Bottom Bracket:  Campagnolo Record
Pedals:  Campagnolo Record 1037
Toe Clips:  Campagnolo chrome steel
Front Derailleur:  Campagnolo Record 1052/1
Rear Derailleur:  Campagnolo Nuovo Record 1020/A (Patent 72)
Shifters:  Campagnolo Record 1014
Freewheel:  Reginal Extra
Hubs: Campagnolo Record 1035 HF 36H
Rims:  Ambrosio clincher 700c x36 hole (nos)
Tires:  Deestone 700×28 wire bead gumwall (new)
Handlebars and Stem:  3T
Headset:  Magistroni
Brakeset:  Universal Mod.61 Centerpull
Seat:  Brooks B17 Black (new)
Seatpost:  Campagnolo Record 1044

• • •

1976 Legnano Gran Premio – SOLD

Full Campagnolo GS group in pristine condition. Wheels professional rebuilt with Nisi rims (nos)

Model: Gran Premio
Year: 1976
Color: Metallic Tangerine
Paint & Decals:  Factory original
Serial No:  n/a
Frame Size: 52cm ctc
Tubing: Reynolds 531
Dropouts: Campagnolo GS
Headset: Campagnolo Gran Sport
Stem & Bars: 3TTT Mod. Gran Prix
Brake Calipers & Levers:  Universal 68
Bottom Bracket: Campagnolo Gran Sport
Crankset: Campagnolo Gran Sport
Chain: Regina
Pedals:  Campagnolo Gran Sport
Front Derailleur:  Campagnolo Gran Sport
Rear Derailleur: Campagnolo Gran Sport
Hubs:  Campagnolo Gran Sport HF
Rims:  Nisi 36 hole
Tires:  Tubular (new)
Seatpost: Campagnolo Gran Sport
Seat: 3TTT
Total Weight:  9.89kg – 21.8lbs

• • •

1978-79 Legnano Competizione – $1600

Model:   Competizione
Year:   1978-1979
Serial No:  na
Frame Size:  54cm (ctc)
Tubing:  Falck Precisione
Paint & Decals: Factory original
Dropouts:  Campagnolo NR Short ‘Portacatena’
Crankset:  Campagnolo Record 1049 (42/52) 144 b.c. 170mm
Bottom Bracket:  Ofmega
Pedals:  Campagnolo Record 1037
Toe Clips:  Campagnolo 0990/05 steel plated
Toe Straps: Christophe (new)
Toe Strap Pull Buttons: Reg (nos)
Front Derailleur:  Campagnolo Record 1052
Rear Derailleur:  Campagnolo Nuovo Record 1020 Pat ’73
Shifters:  Campagnolo Record 1014
Freewheel:  Regina Extra
Chain: Regina Extra
Hubs: Campagnolo Record 1034 Low Flange 36H
Rims:  Fiamme Red tubular 36 hole w eyelets (nos)
Tires: Vitoria Competition tubular (new)
Handlebars: Ambrosio – Campione del Mondo
Handlebar Stem:
Handlebar Tape:  Ambrosio
Headset:  Ofmega engraved Legnano
Brakeset:  Universal Mod. Super68 sidepull
Seatpost: Gipiemme G.P. (26.2mm OD)
Seat:  Unbranded (Unicantor style)

• • •