1967 Mod.50 Gran Sport


The Legnano Mod.50 Sportiva is one of the best ‘Condorino’ bicycles that was produced in Italy from the mid 50’s through to the early 70’s. As with most Legnano bicycles, the years through to the late ’60s exhibited the highest level of quality and craftsmanship and are the most sought after. The ‘Condorino’ was a departure from the traditional city bike of the day with a frame geometry and corresponding riding position that is close to that of a road or racing bike and fitted with a rear derailleur and a three or four speed freewheel.



Here’s a blueprint of the bike:

Model: Gran Sport Mod.50 Sportiva
Year: 1967
Serial No: 27
Frame Size: 56cm ctc
Crankset: 48t Magistroni for Legnano
Bottom Bracket: Magistroni
Pedals: WAS (Way-Assauto) (nos)
Rear Derailleur: Campagnolo Sport
Shifter: Campagnolo Gran Sport (braze on)
Freewheel: Reginal Extra  (15/17/19/21)
Chain: Regina Extra (nos)
Hubs: Campagnolo Gran Sport Low Flange 36h
Rims: 622 x 22 DIN Beretta 28 x 1.75 (nos)
Tires: Pireelli 700c x 32 (nos)
Handlebars and Stem: Condorino
Headset: Magistroni
Bell: Legnano
Brakeset: Universal Model 39 (long reach) Brev. 361686
Seat: Brooks B17 (new)
Seatpost: Campagnolo Record 26,4mm (replacement)
Toolbag: Brooks (new)

6 thoughts on “1967 Mod.50 Gran Sport

  1. Great bike.
    To me bikes like this one were the peak of Italian craftmanship. Hardly reached from manufacturers outside of Italy.

    I have one question you might can answer: in what frame size or sizes was this Sportivio model or the earlier ones available?

    Best Regards

    • From the Legnano catalogs, and also from what I have come across personally, the adult Sportivo models as with the Gran Premio and Roma came in 55cm, 57.5cm and 60cm (measured center to center). You are probably aware that people rode taller frame sizes in those days compared to today. Having said that, you don’t come across many 60cm Legnano bikes the 50’s and 60’s.


  2. Thank you for the quick response.

    I own a Rabeneick Luxury Sport bike from the early 50’s. This bike from the so called “Senatsreserve” spend the first thirty years in the basement of the Tempelhof Airport in Berlin and the next thirty years in the basement of the person who bought the bike shortly before reunification. And sold it to me recently for a symbolic price. The bike was not only unused, it was still wrapped as it left the factory.
    This bike is not only a witness of a quite dramatic time period but also a classy bike for relaxed riding for pleasure. And so are the condorinos from Legnano.
    I asked for the frame size because the bikes presented here with a ctt of 57.5cm would be to small for me. A ctc of 57.5cm would be okay, 60cm would be perfect.
    I will keep my eyes open for a bike of that size.


  3. Hello I found a Legnano condorino in Sicily. Could you help me to bring it back original as much possible? I want first start to know which model is this.

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