1956 Mod.38 Sportivo: A very special Legnano finds a new owner

When I come across a bicycle in it’s original condition and well preserved after 50 or 60 years it brings a huge smile to my face. And I think to myself, whoever owns this bicycle is a respectful person. He or she cares about their life and that makes me think they also care about the people around them. In my mind’s eye I see someone who enjoys the quiet routines of life, someone who is well settled in their own skin, and someone that I would like to meet.

This spectacular 1956 Mod.38 Sportivo was recently acquired by Alessandro Alex of Bologna, IT.  The original condition of this bike is quite remarkable for the 64 years that have passed since it first rolled out of the factory.  Obviously this bike was well loved, well maintained and most likely had the good fortune to reside indoors when it wasn’t being ridden.

The dedication of the original owner is fully expressed in the Legnano branded saddle that was carefully re-upholstered some years back by a skilled craftsman to the original format.  Many people would find it much more convenient to simply replace the saddle with a new one.  Properly repairing the saddle takes time, you have to find the right person to do the work and the cost of repair may well be greater than a new one.

As the new owner of this wonderful Legnano, Alessandro also becomes the custodian of the legacy and respect this Mod.38 has received over the years.  I am confident this treasure of the past has found the right owner for the road ahead and many years to come.  Now let’s enjoy some photos of this beautiful Legnano.  Grazie mille Alessandro.

1957 Legnano Catalog page of the Mod.38 Sportivo


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3 thoughts on “1956 Mod.38 Sportivo: A very special Legnano finds a new owner

  1. I have a similar-looking Legnano in need of restoration. I believe mine is from ’46 or ’47. I’m not sure of the model number. It has the top tube shifter, and similar bars, but a more fully enclosed chain case than this one. Question: Do you have contact information for re-upholstering the saddle? Mine has horse-hair padding, which I would like to retain, and I believe the covering is real leather. Any help or advise would be much appreciated, thanks.

    • Hello G.D. and thanks for writing.

      Yes, if you check the Mod.38 that is presented in the 1952 Legnano catalog ( https://condorino.files.wordpress.com/2015/02/legnano-cat1952_lores.pdf ) you will see that the chair case was more fully enclosed on earlier models.

      Regarding the reupholstering of the original Mod.38 type saddle, where are you located? I don’t know of anyone doing this work in North America however I could contact the owner for the workshop in Italy that he used.

      I would welcome some photos of your Legnano to add to the archives if you have the time (info@condorino.com). Best regards for now.

      Mark Campbell

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