1964 Gran Premio – FM9096


I acquired this 56cm Gran Premio on January 18, 2014 from Terry Medeiros of Toronto. Terry told me this Legnano was one of many bikes that he purchased from the old inventory of the former Bloor Cycle & Sports Ltd. that was founded by Paul Kent and later joined by his son Peter. Bloor Cycle was the main if not only importer of Legnano bicycles to Canada and their distribution made it a popular Italian brand through the 60’s and early 70’s alongside Bianchi, Bottechia and Cinelli.

I am dating this Gran Premio to 1964 based on the sequence of the serial number and the 64 date stamp on the inside of the Magistroni crank arms. Beyond the frame, the only original parts that remain are the Universal side pull brakes, the 3TTT handlebars and stem, the Campagnolo front derailleur, cable guide and downtube shifters, pump clamps, the bottom bracket and headset, and the aforementioned Magistroni crankset. However, I have a good inventory of correct components that will bring this Gran Premio back to the orginal spec.



This Gran Premio was fitted with Universal Model 51 (Brev. 453949) side pull brakes as opposed to the Model 61 center pull brakes that came to market in 1961. Both models were a common spec on the Gran Premio models at this time. Despite the growing popularity of center pull brakes among competitors, particularly the Mafac Racer (1952), the Universal Model 51 side pull was preferred by many riders through much of the 60’s until Campagnolo introduced their Record brakeset in 1967.









Here is a blueprint of the bike as received:

Model:  Gran Premio
Year:  1964
Acquired:  January 2014
Serial No:  FM9096 (stamped vertically on right side of the seat lug)
Frame Size:  56cm (ctc)
Frame Weight:  3175g or 7.00lbs (no headset, bb or seat post bolt)
Total Weight:  tbd
Tubing:  Falck
Rear Dropouts:  Campagnolo
Front Dropouts:  tbd
Crankset:  Magistroni (47/50)
Bottom Bracket:  Magistroni
Front Derailleur:  Gran Sport
Downtube Shifters:  Gran Sport
Handlebars:  Ambrosi0 for Legnano
Stem:  Ambrosio for Legnano
Brakes:  Universal Extra Mod.51  Brev.453949
Headset:  Magistroni No.2

Missing parts to be sourced:

Rear Derailleur:  Campagnolo Gran Sport or Record
Hubs:  Campagnolo Record for Legnano HF 36h
Rims: Fiamme or Nisi 36h
Freewheel:  Regina
Chain: Regina
Brake Levers: Universal Mod.51
Seatpost:  Campagnolo Record 26.4mm
Seat:  Brooks B17 or Italia Tipo B17
Pedals:  Way-Assauto or Campagnolo Record (short thread)
Toe Clips:  Christophe


2 thoughts on “1964 Gran Premio – FM9096

  1. hello !

    i live in Marseille (France) and i have got a legnano gran premio with the number FE5187. Equipped in campagnolo. I just start to restore it. Can you tell me more about ? When was it made?

    I can send you pictures if you want.


    • Thanks for the photos Victor. This is a very nice Legnano Gran Premio in great condition and typical of the era. From the serial number, frame detailing as well as the ’62’ stamped on the back of the Magistroni cranks arms we can safely date this bike to 1962-1963.

      The pedals, saddle and wheels (perhaps just the rims) have been replaced over the years however these original parts are relatively easy to come by if you are interested in making the corrections. The paint is still in relatively good condition and I would not recommend repainting this bike. Replacement rubber hoods for the Universal 51 brake levers are also easy to find albeit a little costly some times.

      Enjoy your treasure!

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