1970 Mod.50 Sportivo



And here’s the spec in detail . . .

Model: Mod.50 Sportivo Condorino
Year: 1970
Color: Metallic Red
Production No: 20 (second quarter of 1970)
Frame Size: 56cm ctc
Headset: Way-Assauto
Condorino Stem & Bars w Brake Levers: Varese
Brake Calipers: Balilla engraved for Legnano
Bottom Bracket: Way-Assauto
Crankset: Way-Assauto
Pedals: Way-Asauto (WAS)
Shift Levers: Campagnolo Valentino
Front Derailleur: Campagnolo Valentino
Rear Derailleur: Campagnolo Valentino
Hubs: MM Atom engraved Legnano HF
Rims: Ambrosio Aluminum 700c clincher 36 hole
Seatpost: Campagnolo Gran Sport
Seat: Brooks B17 (New)

This Legnano was passed along to a new owner in 2021.

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2 thoughts on “1970 Mod.50 Sportivo

  1. Hello, I found a copy of this bike and classical style with the green “LEGNANO” has a different handlebars, very touristy. I’m overhauling all to mount a handlebar “condorino” and a San Marco Rolls saddle, I will send you pictures as soon as ready.

  2. Hi, what an awesome website, thanks!

    I just started to restore what I believe is this model however with a different spec.

    It’s a 4-speed with Allvit derailleur, Legnano cranks and a chrome rather than frame colour chainguard. No idea how to identify the rest. some pics here in it’s sorry state:

    Any idea where I can find the serial number? I’ve searched all over the vertical under the seat but can’t see anything.

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