1969 Roma Olimpiade


There were several reasons for wanting to add this 1969 Roma Olimpiade to the Legnano collection. Most important the bike was completely original, something that is becoming increasingly difficult to find. Secondly, the early Campagnolo Record rear derailleur (post Gran Sport and pre Nuovo Record) is a now rare item that was only in production for a short time. The TA aluminum chainring conversation kit fitted to the classic Magistroni steel crankset is far less common than the Simplex arm conversions.  And lastly, the Reynolds 531 frame tubing denoted by the ‘R’ in the serial number.

This Roma came to me September 30, 2011 as an eBay purchase from its then present owner Robert D. Freeman of Seattle, Washington. I have dated this Roma based on the serial number, the ’69 stampings on the inside of the Magistroni crank arms, the various components and the frame finishing details.

Here is a complete blueprint of the bike:

Model: Roma Olimpiade
Year: 1969
Serial No: 414 R (underside of bb)
Frame Size: 56cm (ctc)
Tubing: Reynolds 531
Dropouts: Campagnolo
Crankset: Magistroni with TA chainring conversion
Bottom Bracket:
Pedals: Way-Assauto (WAS)
Front Derailleur: Campagnolo Record
Rear Derailleur: Campagnolo Record
Shifters: Campagnolo Record
Freewheel: Regina Extra (14-16-18-21-24)
Chain: Regina Extra
Hubs: Campagnolo Record HF 36H 1035 (engraved Legnano)
Handlebar Stem:
Brakeset: Universal Sidepull
Seatpost: Campagnolo Record 1044
Overall Weight:

2 thoughts on “1969 Roma Olimpiade

    • Hello,
      Thanks for writing. I see from you email address that you are in the UK. First, a kind word to everyone in the UK during this difficult time of crisis and my best wishes that you and your family are well.

      As for your inquiry, are you looking for the market value of this 1969 Legnano Roma (or others that may be similar) or are you interested in purchasing it?

      Best regards and be well,

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