1962 Mod.09 Sportivo – FR8278

You know you have stepped across that precarious ‘line in the sand’ when you add a bike to your collection that isn’t your size or in this case is a women’s model. I have been tempted before to add a ladies bike to the Legnano collection and this 1962 ‘Signora’ turned out to be the opportunity that wasn’t passed up.


The ‘Signora’ found its way to me in September of 2015 from Tomaso de Tomasi of Vicenza, Italy.  What attracted me to this bike was the year, the dark grey colour or ‘fumo’ as it is described in the Legnano catalog (along with black, blue and white models), and most importantly that every part on the bike was in tact (except the pump) and completely original.

The Mod.09  is a single speed with 26in wheels, the norm for ‘Sinora’ models compared to the standard 28in (700c) wheel size for ‘Uomo’ models.  This same bike was also available with a 3 speed freewheel and a Campagnolo Sport rear derailleur as the Mod.07. however I have always preferred the simplicity of the single speed version.


I have not decided when or to what extent this Legnano will be restored however it will probably come to me on a cold and snowy day in February.

Here is a blueprint of the bike:

Model:   Mod.09 Sportivo Signora
Year:   1962
Serial No:  FR8278  (vertically on right side of the seat lug)
Frame Size:  52cm (ctc)
Tubing:  Falck
Crankset:  Magistroni (inside arms stamped 62)
Bottom Bracket:  Magistroni
Pedals:  Way-Assauto
Freewheel:  Regina
Chain: Regina
Hubs: tbd
Rims:  650c (26in)
Handlebars w Stem and Brake Levers: Varese
Headset:  Magistroni
Brake Callipers:  Universal Sport
Seatpost: Steel 25.6mm OD
Seat:  Mondial