1979 Competizione


This late 70’s Legnano is the Competizione model. I am dating it to 1978-79 based on the format of the original decals, the style of the Falck tubing decal, the Legnano branded Ofmega headset and the short format Nuovo Record rear dropouts that are predrilled for the ‘portacatena’ chain holder that was introduced by Campagnolo at the year end show of 1977. This is also the newest Legnano in my collection. The metallic, peacock blue color is characteristic of the mid to late 70’s paint schemes that offered customers options to the Legnano ‘lizard yellow’ livery that had defined the brand for decades. Keep in mind however that the colors of 70’s pop culture were influencing everything from Porsche 911’s to Gucci handbags through these years.


Through the 50’s, 60’s and much of the 70’s we have also known the top Legnano road bikes as either the Roma, Roma Olimpiade or Gran Premio models. This Mod. Competizione is a departure from that model naming heritage however it is fabricated from the Falck brand tubing that was used for the majority of Legnano production.  It is worth noting that this frame is almost 400g/.9lbs heavier than the 1958 Roma Olimpiade frame on this site that is also built from Falck tubing and the 1970 Roma Olimpiade frame (58cm) on this site that was produced in Reynolds 531 tubing.  As with Reynolds and Columbus, Falck must have been producing tubing of different gage, type and weight.



Here is a blueprint of the bike as it was received from the previous owner in France:

Model: Competizione
Year: 1978-79
Color: Metallic Peacock Blue
Serial No: None
Frame Size: 54cm ctc
Tubing: Falck
Dropouts: Campagnolo Nuovo Record Short predrilled for Portacatena
Headset: Ofmega for Legnano (embossed)
Bottom Bracket: Ofmega
Frame Only Weight: 3200g or 7.05lbs (no headset or bb)


1979 Competizione Restored


Only the frame, headset and bottom bracket came to me from the previous owner of this Legnano Competizione. Sporting only three white bands on the seat tube, this model was probably positioned by Legnano as a ‘club racer’ in 1979, a step down from the Legnano Specialissima which was the top model of the day. A little like the positioning of the Roma and the Gran Premio that preceded these model designations. It is hard to know exactly what parts where originally fitted to this bike however my best guess is that it was a mix of Ofmega, Universal and Campagnolo were used to keep the price attractive.

In the end I decided to keep it essentially correct to the period and make use of the part bins as well as kicking it up a little here and there. And so the drive train and rolling bits are all Campagnolo NR, typical of a classic 70’s Italian road bike and a ride that never lets you down. If you couldn’t afford Campy brakes in the 70’s and you refused to get on the Japanese bandwagon, Universal 68’s were the popular alternative and the 68’s would also keep this Legnano’s Italian heritage in tact.

Here is a blueprint of the rebuilt bike:

Model:   Competizione
Year:   1979
Serial No:  none
Frame Size:  54cm (ctc)
Tubing:  Falck
Dropouts:  Campagnolo NR Short ‘Portacatena’
Crankset:  Campagnolo Record (42/52) 144 b.c. 170mm
Bottom Bracket:  Ofmega
Pedals:  Campagnolo Record 1037
Toe Clips:  Campagnolo NR Steel
Toe Straps: Christophe
Front Derailleur:  Campagnolo Record 1052
Rear Derailleur:  Campagnolo Nuovo Record Pat ’73
Shifters:  Campagnolo Record 1014
Freewheel:  Regina Extra
Chain: Regina Extra
Hubs: Campagnolo Record LF 36H
Rims:  Fiamme Red tubular 36 hole w eyelets
Handlebars: Ambrosio – Campione del Mondo
Handlebar Stem:
Handlebar Tape:  Ambrosio
Headset:  Ofmega engraved Legnano
Brakeset:  Universal Mod. Super68 sidepull
Seatpost: Gipiemme G.P. (26.2mm OD)
Seat:  na

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