1973 Windsor Professional


At the age of 19, this 1973 Windsor Professional was my second real road bike. It is an old friend and I am very happy to have hung on to it through the years. However after many miles and numerous house moves it was definitely showing its years.  So a few years ago I decided to have Noah Rosen at Velocolour refinish the frame as I hunted for a few of the original first-generation Dura-Ace parts that needed to be replaced. Actually this was the first frame that Noah refinished for me, my old friend introducing me to a new friend that has become an integral part of the Legnano collection.

In addition to club racing during those early years, I also toured much of the UK, Europe, and even the Canary Islands on this bike, fitted with panniers, a handlebar bag and tubular tires on Fiamme gold rims if you can believe it. Yes, those were the years of strong legs and supple joints that never seemed to tire no matter what the road surface or weather. They were also the years that you rode the bike you had, no matter where you were heading. I remember one or two of the boys having more than one bike but it was definitely the exception unless you had a wealthy aunt or uncle that favoured you.

My first road bike was a Gitane Tour de France, a very affordable racer that many readers will probably remember. However I was happy to leave French threading and Simplex gears behind me as I waited for my Windsor Pro frame to arrive. And I was going to build up this Windsor with the new Shimano Dura-Ace components that were well priced, well made and the first-ever, real option to Campagnolo. For Shimano and Dura-Ace, the rest as they say is history.

more to come . . .