Updated July 21, 2020.

LEGNANO CAT1924 LORES   (approx. 5mb download)

1950 EMILIO BOZZI PARTS CATALOG — 338 pages (approx. 25mb download)


LEGNANO CAT1952_LORES    (approx. 9mb download)
LEGNANO CAT1952_HIRES     (approx. 60mb download)

A special note of thanks to Armando in Italy for these catalogs pdf files.

A special note of thanks to Alex Foster for the two 1961 Legnano sell sheets below, originally distributed by Thomas Avenia.

LEGNANO USA SELL SHEET c.1961 (pdf download)

A promotional sheet (above) from the 1950’s for the Roma Olimpiade courtesy of Armando from Italy.  Notice that the Universal 61 center pull brake callipers, released in 1961, are not featured as of yet.

A special note of thanks and appreciation to Sergio Aquilina for the seven Legnano Sell Sheets from 1970 – 1980 that follow below.


LEGNANO MOD.53 – SELL SHEET circa.1979 (pdf 2mb download)


LEGNANO MOD.54 – SELL SHEET circa.1970-1977 (pdf 2mb download)


LEGNANO MOD.54 SPECIAL circa.1979 (pdf 2mb download)


LEGNANO GRAN PREMIO circa.1974+ (pdf 2mb downloaded)


LEGNANO GRAN PREMIO SUPER circa.1980+ (pdf 2mb download)


LEGNANO ROMA OLIMPIADE circa.1966-1967 (pdf 2mb download)


LEGNANO OLIMPIADE SPECIALISSIMA circa.1970+ (pdf 2mb download)

Advertisement circa.1966 courtesy of Armando from Italy. Note the condorino style handlebars. The address in the advertisement was the ‘sede’ or legal office of Emilio Bozzi S.p.A. in Milano.  It now houses a seafood restaurant, Zio Pesce.

A fun advertisement from approx. 1971 showing a young Legnano enthusiast saving up his money for his dream bike,  “Another 100 lire for my Legnano”.  Haven’t we all been there at one time or another.  My thanks to Armando in Italy for passing this along for all of us to enjoy.  Viva Italia !!

Legnano brochures150

And elegant advertisement from 1953 courtesy of Armando from Italy.

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14 thoughts on “LEGNANO CATALOGS

  1. Hi
    I’ve admired your blog. It has been very helpful while I refurbished a Legnano Condorino. I was hoping you might help me date it. The serial number is ES 7557. Any help would be great Thanks Chuck Hughes Westwood Ma USA

    • Hi Chuck and thanks for the post. I saw this frame and fenders posted on eBay.it back in December and so you must be the lucky new owner. Congrats. Based on the serial number, this Legnano Mod.50 Gran Sport ‘Condorino’ frame is from 1960, 1961 at the latest and would have been fitted out exactly as the 1960 model on this site. There is also no real difference (beyond the years) to the 1967 Gran Sport on this site as Legnano did not change the build of this model through the 60’s. If you are looking to complete a period correct restoration, you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding the components if you are patient and hunt around. The harder bits to find will be the 60/61 Magistroni/Legnano crankset and the Magistroni headset . . . and perhaps the ‘condorino’ handlebars. Let me know if I can be of any help. Best regards, Mark.

      • I just purchased an old Legnano from the original owner. He believes it to be a 1952 model but a bit of research indicates a 1954 model. Would you be interested in pictures of this old Legnano? I would be interested in any additional info re my Legnano.


  2. 1952 versus 1954?

    The limited amount of accurate registry information for the serial number DN3831 would support either date to be honest. I am thinking that you are favouring the 1954 date give the date stamps on the back of the Legnano-branded Magistoni crank arms. There is always the possibility that these were swapped out after after two years because of damage however it is not the most probably. And the overall condition of this bike suggests that it was not ridden hard in its day.

    As you know, the seat and post are not original. The original saddle would have been either a Brooks B17, Italia B17 or Aquila. Needless to say it will be a bit of hunt to find a Brooks with a cantle stamp of 54 or 56, but not impossible depending on your intentions. Campagnolo didn’t introduce their seat post until 1956 so the original would have been a traditional pin and clamp type and the pin was probably of aluminium.

    The Universal Mod. 39 brake callipers are an interesting fitting given that the Mod.51 callipers were released to support either the 1952 or 1954. However the levers are not Mod.39, most likely Mod.51 which were produced for many years with few changes. May be difficult to determine which of these two are the originals, or perhaps neither if you want to keep the gate open.

    I am sure you are looking forward to pulling the locknuts on the hubs to check the date stampings. That may shed a little more light on which of the two production dates belongs to this Roma. What is the most amazing is the great condition of the paint. Wonderful example of an early 50’s Roma, just wonderful. And thanks so much for sharing.


  3. Mark,
    Thank you for your fast review of my Legnano. I’ll be able to pass your comments along to the 81 year old original owner of my Legnano.
    He will hopefully answer some of your comments regarding the Legnano’s parts. As of this posting I only know that he purchased it in Brooklyn in 1952.

    I always thought it was newer than 1952 because of the Campagnolo rear derailleur. As you mentioned I’ll have more info once the Legnano arrives and I can get up close and personal with it.


  4. I would gather up as much history from the original owner as he can recall. The name of the shop and it’s location in Brooklyn, how much he paid for the bike, what other brands did the shop sell, the shop owner’s name, how old was he at the time and did the purchase mark a birthday or special event, why did he buy a Legnano, etc.? All of the anecdotal information is such a treasure when you can get it. However if he doesn’t recall replacing the crankset, he didn’t buy it in ’52 with the cranks stamped ’54. Having said that, I am still a long ways of 81 and some of the details are starting to get blurry on me. Looking forward to hearing more of the story.


  5. Having read your very enjoyable and informative blog I am now eager to find out if the Legnano I bought approximately 1980/85 , (I’m sure you will correct me if I’m wrong. ) really is a Legnano. I bought it new from
    The Rutland bike shop
    North Frederick St.
    Dublin. Ireland now closed
    I have some pictures to send if I may
    No serial Numbers

    • Hello Dublin and thanks for the mail. More than happy to help with the dating of your bike. You can send pictures to info@condorino.com Ireland has been on my list of rides for some time now. What would you suggest as the best time of year for a tour? Best regards, Mark.

      • Hi Mark
        Cycling in Ireland can be very rewarding at any time of year. Weather wise May to September is usually a good bet. However bear in mind that we can have four seasons in one day so rain wear is essential.

  6. I have a legnano bike series no 585 on the bottom of the bike can you inform me of what colour the bike should be as I want to get it back to the original colour. Cheers

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