1986 Olmo Competition


Based on the online registry posted by Peter Brueggeman, this Olmo Competition frame dates to 1986 or 1987 based on the serial number 8579. The frame has just arrived from Köln, Germany, making it’s way through the barrage of Christmas packages to begin a new life for 2017 in Canada.

By all accounts, the frame has its original pearl white paint and it is in excellent condition with only a few very minor scuffs and scratches. The frame measures 56cm c.t.c., the rear wheel spacing is 126mm and the tubing is Columbus SL throughout. The only parts that came with the frame are the Campagnolo seat post bolt and the axle stops in the Campagnolo rear dropouts. So the build is on.


And it is probably ‘the build’ that was the reason for purchasing this frame although I have long since given up any attempt to justify ‘another bike’. That said, the frame is in pristine condition, the price was more than attractive and it’s a classic Columbus SL build. This same momentary lack of self-control at some point in the past also resulted in a complete 1st/2nd generation Dura-Ace group that needed a home. And now it will have one.


The aforementioned Dura-Ace group predates this Olmo by a decade+ however this frame is little changed from those built during the 70s excepting the derailleur cable routing on the underside of the BB, the recessed allen key bolt for attaching the brake callipers and perhaps the brazed on shifter bosses. In other words, this Olmo is the quintessential Italian Columbus SL road frame that not only stood the test of time but is also timeless.


To compliment the vintage Dura-Ace group, I have ordered the stem, bars and seat post from Nitto. The forged Nitto Pearl stem and handlebars owe their DNA to the Cinelli 1A stem and Giro bar set, and the Nitto finishing is equal to the Cinelli benchmark in all respects. The Nitto 65 seat post is a classic one-bolt design that is mirror polished ‘to the nines’, and every bit the equal (or more) in my opinion to the Campy Super Record post of the era.


more to come . . .