1961 Legnano Gran Premio joins the collection

This 1961 Gran Premio is just in the process of getting packed up by its current owner in Wilsonville, Oregon before making its way to Toronto via Bikeflights. I haven’t mentioned Bikeflights before on this site as I do not generally make endorsements however they offer a great service that simplifies the shipping process, taking care of any import/expert paperwork required and all at a very competitive rate.  I have also never experienced a single problem with BF so I thought it fair to give them a nod of thanks after the many years they have helped me out.  I believe much of their day to day business is shipping and returning bikes for people attending events or tours in different parts of the country as well as overseas.

This Gran Premio looks to be in completely original condition although the Fausto Coppi branded leather saddle that I have not seen before will need to be checked out. And as I have mentioned before it is getting harder and harder as time goes by to find Legnano bikes that have not been modified over the years. It is also getting harder and more expensive to find the correct period parts to put the bike ‘right’ if it has been changed up.

This Gran Premio is in metallic blue rather than the quintessential Legnano ‘lizard yellow’ finish and it has been either touched up or lightly resprayed at some point in time based on the photos. That said I will most likely put the frame into the queue to be refinished by my good friends at Velocolour that have worked with me for many years now on the collection. To the best of my knowledge, the blue finish was introduced by Legnano primarily to support their sales in the USA as the traditional ‘lizard yellow’ colour did not appeal to everyone on this side of the Atlantic. A metallic ruby red paint scheme was also popular here in the 60’s and early 70’s and to a lesser extent a metallic emerald green and white paint scheme.

Here are a few pictures of the bike as I wait for it to arrive and get a better look at things.


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