1972 Frejus Professional ‘Corsa Speciale’ joins the collection

This well maintained Frejus Professional has joined the collection with my thanks to Craig Smith of Casper, Wyoming.  Craig is the original owner of this bike and he told me it was purchased from Oscar Waystyn Cycles in Chicago that remains in operation on Fullerton Avenue after four generations.  Oscar Sr. was the son of Emil, a frame builder in Belgium before immigrating to the USA and opening a small shop in 1910 on Hoyne street before moving to Fullerton Avenue. The business is now in the hands of his son Oscar Jr. and his son Scott.  So very few of these early shops in America have stayed in operation and let alone ‘in the family’ as this one has.  How wonderful is that?

1970-1971 Emilio Bozzi catalog for Legnano, Frejus and Wolsit. With the exception of the paint scheme and decals, the Frejus Professional and the Legnano Roma shared the identical frame construction and components including the unique position of the seat post binder bolt that was always unique to Legnano.  This shared construction of the Frejus Professional with the Legnano Roma may well reflect the closure of the massive Legnano factory on the Strada Statale 527 in 1971 with all production moved to the Legnano factory at 1 Piazza Emilio Bozzi.

Craig tells me he purchased the Frejus prior to heading off for a tour of northern Europe.  I am looking forward to Craig sharing a little more of the history and hoping he may have kept a few photos of that early bike tour, recalling many of my own treks to Europe about the same time. The bike is still in it’s original condition and well looked after as is typical of a respectful owner. Craig is packing up the bike and we will let Bikeflights handle the transport as I am very pleased over the years with their diligent and careful service.  Until the delivery man arrives, here are a few quick pics of the bike that Craig shared with me.


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4 thoughts on “1972 Frejus Professional ‘Corsa Speciale’ joins the collection

  1. Hi I am looking for serial number on my bike – Have owned it for 15 years or so – bought used from a bike store owner. Not even sure what year it would be built or type. Can I send you pictures to see what you might think? It has glue on tires. Can I attach pictures here?

    • Hi Lee,
      Thanks for writing. Depending on how old the bike is it may not have a serial number. Check the area around the seat lug on both sides . . . and the underside of the bottom bracket also. You can send photos to: info@condorino.com
      best regards and be well,

  2. Hi….yours is not the same as the one in the photo…i have the Frejus in the photo and i have a 1975ish Frejus too . . . and I hqd a 1975 one in 77-85. The one in the photo has a standard seat post binder bolt like both of mine…I also think your decals are not original. Your Reynolds decal is also in the wrong spot…or maybe the legnano clone ones had their Reynolds decals there.

    • Hi Norm,
      And thanks for writing. You are correct, the Frejus in the catalog image posted has the conventional seat post binder bolt that Emilio Bozzi SpA started to move to about 1970 on some models, some production and for some markets. You will see that the 1971-72 Legnano Gran Premio on this site (https://condorino.com/premio/) has the same conventional seat post binder bolt as the Frejus in the catalog photos and the Frejus you owned.

      And yet both the recently acquired 1972 Frejus Professional from Craig Smith as well as another I have in the collection (https://condorino.com/1972-frejus-campione-del-mondo/) have the Legnano style seat post binder bolt and as you can see the Reynolds decal is in different positions on both (and both have the original factory paint and decals).

      In 1971 the expansive Legnano | Emilio Bozzi SpA factory on the Strada Statale 527 in Legnano, opened less than 10 years earlier, was closed and the entire company’s operations moved to the factory at 1 Piazza Emilio Bozzi. This production relocation and downsizing is probably what accounts for the subtle differences in the seat lug type and the decal location.

      Worth mentioning that negotiations began in 1948 with Emilio Bozzi SpA to acquire the Frejus brand that was founded in Turin in 1896 by Emmo Gelfi. By the end of the 1950s all Frejus production was being undertaken at the Legnano factory.

      best regards,

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