Box lining and decal placement dimensions when refinishing a Legnano Roma Olimpiade


What else would one want to do on a cold January day in Canada? I often get requests for information on refinishing a Legnano frame, so with one about to go off to Noah Rosen at Velocolour I decided to carefully document the box lining and decal placement dimensions for this 1963 Roma Olimpiade. With a few original 56cm Roma models in the collection, I referenced each dimension across the different frames and surprisingly each was virtually identical and a little surprising given the amount of handwork that went into the original factory finish at the time.

If you are refinishing a smaller or larger sized frame, most of the necessary adjustments should be quite easy to make. If the frame is larger, the dimensions or distances between the start and stop of the box lining will increase slightly and decrease slightly if the frame is a smaller size. Note that the banding layout/dimensions on the seat tube do not change with the frame size. There are a few important notes on the drawing, most importantly to check the dimension of replacement decals as I have found there are good ones and not so good ones out there.


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8 thoughts on “Box lining and decal placement dimensions when refinishing a Legnano Roma Olimpiade

  1. Can’t help you out with that one as I have yet to refinish a blue Legnano. Like the ‘lizard yellow’ finish the blue finish was originally a transparent lacquer applied over a silver base coat with much of the same iridescent quality and equally fragile over time.

  2. Hi Mark. I’m trying to find more info about a Legnano frame. Will please send me your email address so I can send some pictures.
    thanks Wayne.

    • Thanks for posting. This is the ‘Competizione’ model from Legnano and usually fitted out with the Campagnolo Nuovo Gran Sport group, it was one model step down at the time from their top model the ‘Specialissima’ which had a full Campy Nuovo Record group and full Reynolds 531 construction. The production year is early 80’s based on the letter style logo on the downtube that Legnano began using in 1980. There is a good chance that the cranks are original to the bike, so check the back of the arms for a date stamp which may also help you pin the production date to within a year or two. Enjoy your new treasure! Mark

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