Legnano serial number listing is now posted!

I think the best word to use is ‘scrounge’ when it comes to describing how I assembled this list of Legnano serial numbers. On a more serious note, I would like to thank the many readers that have contributed photographs and information.  I would also like to thank the many anonymous eBay sellers in Europe and North America that were kind enough to respond to my requests for additional information or images.

With almost 150 Legnano bikes now documented, reaching back as far as 1929, along with their photographs, the serial number listing will continue to be updated as new ‘old’ bikes are found and readers contribute. Here is the link to the new page or you can access it through the menu on the right side of the page.  And thanks again for everyone’s contribution and keep it coming!

5 thoughts on “Legnano serial number listing is now posted!

  1. Hi Mark,
    congratulations for this interesting site.
    I write you because I am owner of a Roma Olimpiade serial number FC ….. dated late 1962 and I need your help. The bicycle has the conjunctions of the front tube that seem sport rather than race. The thing is quite curious and very interesting because everything else is consistent with the model Roma Olimpiade. I take advantage of your experience to ask if you ever see bicycles Roma Olimpiade with this feature?
    Thanks in advance

    • Buongiorno Giuseppe,

      First of all, this is a very nice Legnano Roma. With respect to your question, yes the two lugs at the head tube are typical of what Legnano used on the sport bikes as opposed to the lugs they used Roma and Gran Premio production, and I have never seen that before. Having said that I would not be to concerned as it may have just been an exception in the factory and I don’t think there would be of any performance difference. In my research, I have found many exceptions to the ‘norm’ and this speaks to the nature of production during the early years when ‘people’ where more central to the process rather than ‘machines’ as we find today. As an aside, these types of differences are very special.

      In looking at the photos you sent, it does appear as though the down tube may have been refinished/repainted? The oval Legnano logo does not look like the original factory version which was not as refined and the red background was not a metallic finish. Although this may just be the effect of the photo? Do you know the history of the bike? Also, does the Campagnolo seat post and saddle have the narrow rails?


  2. Hi Mark
    Thank you so much for your comfortable response that you gave me.
    I spent some nights thinking about this and could not find an explanation. Then talking to a knowledgeable friend about these things told me that in 1962 Legnano had moved its headquarters to the new factory in Legnano and can be happened some cases of exchange of lugs by another department and then mounted on a model instead on another, creating some exceptions. Then, doing some research, I found in the siteClassic Rendzevous in Legnano log I found a picture that refers to a Legnano Rome Olympiade of 1962 like the mine…. The oval Legnano logo is original version because the frame it is not repainted ahd in very good condition. Unfotunately i don’t know the history of the bike. The Campagnolo seat post and saddle have the narrow rails and the saddle is Brooks B17 “Campagnolo model”. Anyway congratulations for your website and the passion that demonstrates with these bikes. Keep it up. Thank you very much and greetings.

    • Hi Giuseppe,
      For the readers following this thread, I will post the picture of the blue 1962 Roma Olimpiade (FA9376) that you sent to me that the same head tube lugs as your own Roma for additional reference. And I am sure there are many other Roma’s that were detailed in this way.

      I am interested in the comment that was passed along by a friend regarding the relocation of the Legnano factory. Does your friend know the first location/address of the factory? It was always my understanding that the Legnano factory was at 1 Piazza Emilio Bozzi, Legnano (Milan).

      Also, could you let me know the two number date stamp on the underside of the frame on Brooks Campagnolo saddle. You will find it on the ‘cantle’ or curved part of the steel structure.

      And lastly, do you know the date stamps on the lock nuts of the Campagnolo/Legnano hubs?

      Many thanks and best regards,

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